Chapter 7: Getting Away with It

Sic 'em pigs on you.
Canned Heat, Sic 'Em Pigs
It's fun to stay at the YMCA.
The Village People, YMCA
Everytime you do your, do your thing.
Canned Heat, Sic 'Em Pigs
Pigs off campus.
Anti-ROTC slogan
…on the sunny side of the street…
Ted Lewis, On the Sunny Side of the Street
Your wife and your outside woman, too.
Arthur "Blind Willie" Reynolds, Outside Woman Blues
Little red Corvette.
Prince, Little Red Corvette
Might, mighty, letting it all hang out.
The Commodores, Brick House
The phone booth, the one across the hall.
The Nerves , Hanging on the Telephone
Did you forget about me, Mr. Duplicity?
Alanis Morissette, You Oughta Know
Mambo number 5.
Lou Bega, Mambo Number 5
Sometimes x equals x.
Laurie Anderson, Let X Equal X