Chapter 19: Hard Candy Hector

Now Junior, behave yourself.
The Beatles, Bad Boy
Fuck you, asshole.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator
I grew up quick and I grew up mean.
Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue
Laugh, laugh, I thought I'd die.
The Beau Brummels, Laugh Laugh
Candy: The Breakfast of Champions
Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions
Oral hygiene.
Bongos, Bass, and Bob, Oral Hygiene
Everything changes.
Bob Dylan, To Ramona
True like ice; like fire
Bob Dylan, Love Minus Zero/No Limit
You gotta walk the darkness of Candy's hall.
Bruce Springsteen, Candy's Room
I'll make you mine, and I'll have candy all the time.
Bow Wow Wow, I Want Candy