Chapter 30: Mamma Mia Culpa Maxima

… Kelli McCormick.
A combination of first and last names of two friends of the author.
Nuttin's plenty fo' me.
Frank Sinatra, I Got Plenty of Nothing
Hey ho, let's go.
Ramones, Blitzkrieg Bop
People try to put us down just because we gat around.
The Who, My Generation
Like silent raindrops fell and echoed in the well.
Simon and Garfunkel, Sounds of Silence
This is the time and there is no time.
Lou Reed, There is No Time
Other folks, we've got to work. Just watch me now!
The Velvet Underground, Sweet Jane
Now is the time for your tears.
Bob Dylan, The Lonesome death of Hattie Carrroll
Three-hunderd-sixty-five degrees. My House.
Talking Heads, Burning Down the House